LIFE SAVING for  bruises, sprains, swelling and wounds. 
In swelling, burning sensation and wounds after mosquito bites, nettle burns or jellyfish. 

The gel can be used on the skin of various parts of the body. Due to the high biological activity of the ingredients, it contributes to the revitalization and circulation, giving an anti-edema effect, soothing and antipruritic. The product is stable at high and low temperatures. Easy to use and completely safe. It absorbs quickly without leaving a feeling of fatness. 

Natural extracts from comfrey, chestnut, arnica, marigold and menthol. 

apply on clean and dry skin. gently massaging.
Use individually as needed.

Net weight:50 g

Lifeguard No. 54 - gel for bruises, bruises, sprains (arnica and comfrey) 50g

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