Kolagen Arthro Joints MyVita SILVER PURE 100% - Norwegian Collagen 
The preparation consists only of active ingredients without artificial additives and fillers. 
It contains natural, hydrolyzed marine collagen, glucosamine, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, and the composition has been enriched with leucine, an amino acid derived from protein. 
All ingredients were encapsulated in a vegetable capsule without dyes. 
The collagen in the MyVita Silver series is the highest quality hydrolysed collagen produced from wild-caught cod in the clean waters of the North Atlantic. The Norwegian company SeaGarden is involved in the processing of the raw material in a special process ensuring the preservation of all nutritional values.

Hydrolyzed collagen is the best form of collagen, because this raw material has the highest stability, and its molecules are small, thanks to which it is highly absorbed. 
Collagen is an extremely important ingredient in the body. It accounts for nearly 30% of the total protein content. It is an element that connects cells, and therefore is extremely important for the proper construction of internal organs, blood vessels, teeth, bones and skin. It also supports the regeneration of joints, thanks to which it contributes to maintaining the movement system in good condition. 
With age, the production of collagen is disturbed. More molecules die than are produced by the body.

hydrolysed collagen from Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), 2KCL glucosamine sulphate, L-ascorbic acid, sodium hyaluronate, L-leucine, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (a coating of plant cellulose). 

1 capsule twice a day. Drink with water. 

The daily dose (2 capsules) contains: 
Collagen 460 mg 
Glucosamine 240 mg 
Vitamin C 29 mg - 36% RWS * 
Hyaluronic acid 20 mg 
L-leucine 26 mg

* RWS -referential intake value


Product made in Poland



MyVita Silver Collagen Arthro Complex 60 Caps

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