Already in the 17th century the Swedish physician Dr. Samst the recipe from tradition on: the herbal elixir "bitter drop of Sweden" from extracts of eleven herbs whose versatile effects in the mixture even increase. Maria Treben, Austrian botanist and deeply religious woman, rediscovered the soothing potion in the 70s. Appetizing - Digestive - Beneficial Application: Ready-to-use Herbal Bitter Concentrate for 0.7ltr. Brandy 32% Vol. Or dropwise in mineral water or similar. 

Maria Treben Bitter Swedish Drop Concentrate - non-alcoholic - in the original recipe of Maria Treben


Herbal extract from 11 different herbs. According to the old manuscript of Maria Treben, these are: aloe vera, angelica, manna, rhubarb, senna, teriak, Carlina acaulis , turmeric, camphor, myrrh, saffron. Supports digestion.


A 30 ml bottle is the equivalent of a 700ml tincture. The concentrate does not contain alcohol.


How to use:

1 - 2 drops 3 times a day with mineral water or tea. You can add whole bottle to 0.7l of alcohol like brandy - in this situation use 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

Maria Treben Bitter Swedish Drop Concentrate Alcohol Free 30ml

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